Case 2's Vectorworks model
Case 3's Vectorworks model
Case 5's Vectorworks model
Case 6's Vectorworks model
Case 1:
It began this way...
I came to New York by the sea...
and found a small place by a quiet park, with a view downtown.
Case 2:
I thought of him...and of home....where the clocks were just striking fifteen.
The engraved ring he gave me was on a chain around my neck.
I had said, "I love you..."
He replied, "I love you more..."
Case 4:
Sometimes, my Aunt Rose would visit me and the city...
"Why don't you take my owl and octopus, dear?"
she asked one evening on her way to meet a friend.
Case 6:
At night, I dream of Africa...and the lions...
There will be new adventures...
Tomorrow is another day...
Carpe Diem!

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